Thor: The Dark World review.

thorJust back from seeing Thor: The Dark World and I’m not entirely sure I have the time to give it the review it deserves, so this might be a quick one.

First off: I really liked it. I’m not sure what expectations I had, but it definitely surpassed them. I thought it was epic and funny – Captain America and Stan Lee’s cameos being two particular highlights, and I really enjoyed the relationship between Thor and Loki in the movie.

My main flaw with this is the same as the original: Natalie Portman. Where I said Lois Lane in Man of Steel was a poor character, and Amy Adams did the best with a limited person, this is the opposite. I think the idea of Jane as a character is good, but I think Natalie Portman plays her kind of like a cardboard version of what she could be. If that makes sense? I hoped she’d prove me wrong, but she didn’t.

I love how much darker this movie is than the first, and how it still maintains a light edge. I think all the characters from the original are just as good, and particularly (as said) loved Thor and Loki (kudos to Hemsworth & Hiddleston!).

One more shout out: Freyja. I tend to have a thing for strong mother characters who can be underrated. (Shout out to Narcissa, my girl). But seriously, for the little time she had on screen I thought she was great.

I loved Thor, but the one thing I have learned is do not bring Natalie Portman into your life because she reaps death and destruction.


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