Review: Kick-Ass – Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.

kickassI was a fan of the film because of how it differed from other superhero movies. This was the ordinary boy trying to do something different, and they were never afraid to get graphic and swear. I’m glad that it translated from the comic.

Probably my favourite I’ve read, actually. I’m still not sure which story I prefer, the one here or the film adaption, but all I know is I really like them both. It felt like they didn’t care what others thought, in that this was something fresh and unafraid. Crime fighting children with a cunt-heavy vocabulary isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and all too often would find itself toned down to suit.

It’s sharp, on point and witty. Very much looking forward to the others. (My reviews will get longer from here on it. This is the last one to be pasted over from my rushed  Goodreads recaps. It only gets better, I swear!)


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