Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding.

bridget joness diaryI was wary over this book. Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of my favourite films, so I know the plot inside out. I thought there might be a little tweak here and there, but at times I felt like the stories were completely separate. It was okay, although I can’t quite pinpoint whether or not I’d like it as a stand alone, without the film knowledge.

I just think all the aspects that made me love Bridget Jones lie in the film. I think her nit picking over weight was too obsessive (and, let’s face it, she’s a fine weight to begin with), and the actual Darcy/Cleaver triangle isn’t really there, bar a fleeting mention of one stealing the other’s wife.

Her parents, though. Where did that come from? Too much drama for my liking. I think the reason I like the film is there isn’t anything overly complicated about it. It is, for all intents and purposes, charmingly normal. Not so much in the book. You could have removed Julio and the fraud and I’d have much preferred it.

I did like Bridget’s dirty wit “Someone swallowed the evidence” and the fact that they mock Hugh Grant’s prostitute incident, but other than little things I picked up on here and there, I can honestly say I spent the majority of my reading time thinking, “I really, really prefer the film”, and that never happens, really.


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