So, for reasons, I’ve had a generally quiet Summer. It was nice to get back to doing things, so I thought I’d just post a little rundown of some things that happened this month. It’s not all that interesting, unless you’re me (I’d assume), but here goes…

First of all, I went to a blogger event regarding Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame. It was just a run through of what stage the project is at, why they’re doing it and who we would choose as our three picks. It’s a really exciting project, so you should definitely check it out. They’re doing some great work. You can read my three picks for the Hall of Fame over on my website.

After that, I finally(!) got to see Drenge, after having to miss their Edinburgh show a few months back. Blindfolds were okay. Their singer looked like he wanted to punch you if you looked at him the wrong way. Radkey – I have no idea how I had never crossed this band before now – brilliant. And, of course, Drenge were the best of the night. Their music is even more unruly off disc than on.

Then came Madina Lake’s farewell tour. It felt the right way to say goodbye to a band you’ve seen for years. They were as brilliant as always. It’s a bit weird to imagine I won’t see them again. Why are all my teen bands going away? I even did a little piece on their evolution. Next up, Chvrches. Their album is my 2nd favourite of the year, so I was really excited to see them. They’re just such a good band. I don’t know what else to say, really.

My show of the year: letlive. In general, they’re brilliant – the Blackest Beautiful snags my album of the year. The idea of them headlining King Tuts was unmissable for me. They’re mental as an opener, but at their own show? Man. The passion of the crowd at their own shows completely surpasses anything I’ve seen in a long time, and it was a genuinely brilliant show.

Last show of the month was on Wednesday. Be still my teen heart, because HIM were back in Glasgow. I can’t deny I’ve been underwhelmed by them live in the last few years, but I’d heard promise on the horizon… I’m glad I went – let’s put it that way. HIM are back on top form. I’ve never seen them play a show like that. Ville felt like a completely different person live to the person I’ve seen over the years. Great!

Then there comes the books. First of all: go me! I hit my goal of reading 52 books in 2013 on October 19th. So here’s some of my literary conquests for October.

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Klay – Michael Chabon. [Goodreads review]
    I found a new favourite book this month. A blend of the dawn of the golden age of comics and during World War II, this was just such an interesting read. I’d picked it up because it’s in the 65 books to read in your 20s over on Buzzfeed, and I’m so glad I did.
  2. Every Day – David Leviathan. [Goodreads review]
    This book makes me so angry. Not only does it conform to every known cliche of teenage literature, the author clearly doesn’t give a shit about his readers. His target is teenage girls, and he obviously thinks they’re stupid. There’s no effort for plot, no attempt to explain why anything happens. It’s honestly one of the worst books I’ve read, and I feel like teenagers should be given more credit over their intelligence. Give them a good bloody book!
  3. Morrissey – Autobiography. [Goodreads review]I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges. Morrissey posts this lyric-cum-headline to show how he was persecuted in the press unfairly. After reading these 450 pages, I’d say it’s the most accurate thing ever written about Morrissey. He throws his prose out the window for a good moan. He holds grudges and never lets them go, and he used the opportunity to tell the story of his life to use his platform for complaints. Disappointed.

There’s been other things, like seeing friends, family jobs and stuff. Today I went to Dunfermline to see Sinead’s family’s shop Little Shop of Heroes for Halloween Comic Fest. Got a whole heap of Batman comics and a new centre piece for my fireplace in the form of Walter White drawn by Neil Slorance. I rather love it. I’ll also be working with Mugglenet in the next 90 days, which is incredible! So, here’s to the last few days of October, and onwards!

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