Review: Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper – Diablo Cody.

candy girlI was recommended this book because it was apparently funny, and a little different. I did enjoy it. Like, seriously – I started it this afternoon and finished it already, and that’s with a concert in the middle. It’s a really easy book to read, and it is funny, especially when dealing with the more risque parts.

I just don’t think it’s overall… amazing? I liked it, and I did laugh quite a lot at some parts. I liked seeing what it’s like to work in a strip club from someone’s who’s been there and isn’t overly judgmental, rather than an outsider casting their (often generalised) view over it. But there’s something not quite as shocking as I’d expected. It’s odd, and difficult to pinpoint. Where I read Roxana Shirazi’s the Last Living Slut and had my own opinions by the end, here I just thought, ‘Well, that was fun’ without actually having a proper view. Does that even make sense? Probably not.

It was different, let’s just put it that way. Although, as I work in a shop that sells sex toys, I’m used to some of the more personal conversation topics touched on here. Maybe that took a little edge off of it.


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