Review: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay – Michael Chabon.

kavalier & claySo, as it’s hitting close to 1am I feel like I need to rattle this out, and therefore not do this book justice. To sum it up: I was pretty much head over heels with this book, and finding a book this enjoyable has been a long time coming.

Set in World War II, and the dawn of the Golden age of comics, this sees a blend of the two tales – the struggles in Europe and persecution of the Jews, shown often through Joe, who has managed to find his way to America and his partnering with Sammy, his cousin, in breaking into the new and flourishing comics industry.

And, for good measure, he is a trained escape artist too. Wonderful!

No, but seriously, there are moments that drag on and kind of lose the reader’s interest, but I think it’s easy to forgive because the book is such a great idea, and I really enjoyed it. I also found the way comic books were described to be really great to read, when they were breaking down the first issues of Action Comics and pinpointing their references, inspirations and cultural standing. It just felt like this was by someone who either knew the work very well, or who researched the hell out of it and made it sound convincing.

As I said, got to rattle it out and not do it justice, but I have to say I had a real soft spot for the Sammy/Tracy plotline, especially given the era surrounding it.

Oh, god. I’m going to stop now. I can’t adequately explain how much I enjoyed this book in my sleep deprived state, so just go read it for yourself. Now. Go.


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