Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D review.

shildLast week, I was content with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debut feeling somewhat mediocre. By all accounts, I found the first episode of Game of Thrones beyond drawn out and I’ve gone on to love it. But, after watching the second episode earlier tonight, I would really be surprised if the series improved.

I thought the it was reasonably tied into the blockbusters it was set to follow, but the characters are so lazy and uninteresting. It is so full of clichés it hurts my head (slight exaggeration… slight) and the dialogue itself feels like it’s being taken from a comic book. In a comic book, stating the obvious of their surroundings is good, because you don’t have a whole TV crew to establish every single thing for you. Tone it down. We can see what’s going on.

Based on the second episode, I’d give there two solid characters so far: Coulson, obviously, and Melinda, who is just a badass by all accounts. Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo was certainly welcome, a sense of familiarity amid this pool of clichés.

Skye is clearly integral to the plot, but she’s a jarring character. I’m hoping she’ll either improve drastically, or be written out in exchange for new team members. It’s early on, so I’ll hold out for the improvement option. Plus, Grant is a little dull, and the romantic link between him and Skye is a fair prediction. One that will likely bring little interest to the plot.

Leo and Gemma feel like they’re meant to be the funny ones. Every show has the comedy ones, right? But at certain points I couldn’t even understand some of the things they said, let alone judge them as funny or not. And I’m Scottish too. I’ll stop picking at the characters, but if by the end of the first season I’m still irked by this, then hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.

I think it’s just very bland. Very vanilla. The clichés and barf-worthy notions stand out far more than the plot itself. The spiel about piece of a puzzle working to a solution. Come on.

I wasn’t expecting Avengers in suits. I really wasn’t. But I was expecting a better set of characters than this. They’re unexciting, and considering the establishment they are a part of, it feels like they could be doing a lot more with themselves. It had potential, but my enthusiasm for it has dropped after each episode. I will persevere, and hope I’m proven wrong. There is still plenty of time!

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