Rush review.

RUSHI used to be a huge fan of Formula One when I was younger, so much so I did a Powerpoint presentation in High School on the subject (it was a case of ‘pick a subject, do a Powerpoint’). I remember mentioning this incident, probably on a ‘notable incidents’ slide, but I honestly didn’t remember the ins and outs of it, and when I saw the trailer for the movie, I decided not to refresh my memory until I had seen the film.

I expect that even without the suspense of what happens, it would still be a great film. And I mean a great film, which is surprising.

The reason I think it’s surprising is, looking at it now, the plot seems pretty straight down the line, in that two racing rivals have opposing personalities and values, will naturally butt heads and thrive off of each other. Up until the famed crash, there was a risk of predictable film making, but they’ve filled it out fantastically. Looking into Hunt (Hemsworth) and Lauda (Bruhl), they’re pretty much flawless casting. I never realised how similar they actually were until the actual footage was used.

The relationships are good, and that contrast really enhances it. I was really impressed by the actual races themselves. I think the reason I fell away from F1 is because it can be tedious unless you’re really invested in it. With so many laps, it can be a bit repetitive (sorry!). But, here it’s a thrill ride. They’ve cut it well, shot it well, and not over-used shakey-cam (that’s my technical term). It’s actually really enjoyable when they cut back to the action.

I think the story is naturally great for a film. I assume some parts of it have been stretched a bit to make it more film-pleasing, but it’s been pulled off really well. Hemsworth and Bruhl are fantastic, especially the latter. Sure, the happy-go-lucky, party guy is always fun, but there’s something really interesting about Lauda’s more serious personality, and personal struggles in the latter parts of the film.

I think this will be a good film for both fans of F1 and non-fans alike. It’s just a great film. Great.


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