Pain & Gain review.

painYou know when  you see a film trailer and think “Hey, that looks good” and it turns out 90% of the funny parts are in the movie? Yeah, that. I thought Mark Whalberg and Dwayne Johnson – great! I’m swiftly rethinking that now that I’m home two and a half hours later.

See, it’s not all that bad. It’s different, anyway. I didn’t actually know it was based on a true story (something I’ll be looking into after this aimless ramble, because it sounds interesting), because it seemed so ludicrous. The fact it is makes it seem even more unbelievable. This is the first role I really didn’t like Whalberg in, but mainly because – if I may say so – Lugo is a complete twat. So, really it’s a backward thought. He was good, because he was meant to be horrid.

And it’s the general body builder circle that was awful. Their motivational approach, which is actually demoralising, or their ‘be a do-er, not a don’t-er’ thing – it’s easy to dislike the characters.

But what they seek is part of the American dream that others have their claws into. The trailer makes it out as if they take someone’s money, and the movie follows them living the life. In reality, it’s a dim-witted trio, headed by an egotist, haphazardly taking on big crime and murder plots. It could have worked, but for the most part it was… eh. Middle of the road.

Dwayne Johnson was the show-stealer, despite his religious character seeming too crazy to be true. He is a real oddball, but not really enough to make this great. Rebel Wilson, however, was wonderful. Can’t really complain. It just seems really odd to have made a comedy of sorts out of such an ultimately sinister story. You can’t help but feel they’re trying to build a sympathy towards the main trio, a group of murderers. There are, I understand, still survivors who will have to see this floating around, and really dislike how easy it can be to sympathise with murderers, and more so how glamourous they make certain elements look.

I suppose it could have worked. But really, it didn’t.


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