Review: The Host – Stephenie Meyer.

the host*Backdated review*
I found it rather jolting to read a book by Stephenie Meyer and find it interesting. I didn’t like her style of writing before, but I felt that the almost robotic tone to the lead character’s narrative lent itself well to her style. The plot itself was surprising. Despite it’s implausibility, it ends up raises a number of good questions in terms of humanity, mortality, relationships, risk.

What I will say, however, is that the enjoyment faded at around 35%. The story itself was at times compelling, but it found itself doused throughout completely filler material. Yes, it represents a monotonous routine and lapses of time, but it’s too padded. Those main plot points, though, were picked out early on. Love triangle, love square – even the plot curveballs that lend themselves to a potential twist were easy to suss, and more so, they were overcome far too easily.

The actual character of Wanda is poor. At first, I liked the inner struggle with Melanie, and I changed my views repeatedly on who I sided with. But then, she became too perfect, too anti-everything negative. Her species is meant to live in harmony, and despite claims of being far from that, she seems to hit the nail right on the head. Defend everyone, don’t let someone die despite best efforts to kill you, declare your Host to be someone you love. The latter, I can roll with given that they share an undeniably close relationship, but it got far too clingy at points.

The last 10-15% of this book was a struggle. The plot points I’d rooted for were disappointing, and Meyer’s clichéd way of depicting love (despite the oddity of their circumstance) was pretty evident. I can’t deny being sucked into the story from time to time, but found the book to be generally padded, predictable and disappointing.


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