Kick-Ass 2 World Premiere review.

kickassI love the first Kick-Ass, and the fact that the sequel’s first showing was in Glasgow made it a must-see. Luckily, two of my friends from England came up this afternoon, so it seemed an even better reason to go. So, while I’ve been around some movie premieres in London over the years, I’m glad that my attendee-first went to KA2, because I love it all.

First of all: Mark Millar, you are awesome. I think you’re great, and your talk at the start of the night was hilarious. Like, I know it’s a stupid thing to say, but usually when I like people on Twitter they can be very different in person. He was just how I imagined him. So, as well as you being great online, you are offline. I know this will be of comfort to you to know that I think this…

To the movie itself: holy shit. I absolutely loved the first one and this one was incredible. It is actually a really hilarious movie, but it’s a lot darker in general. Certain deaths really surprised me, but I really love the fact the Kick-Ass franchise has a no holds barred approach. And that’s what a lot of movies lack. They go for violence, but hold back when it borders going overboard. This doesn’t. It just goes balls to the wall, and the movie’s brilliant because of it.

I’ve always thought Kick-Ass is kind of unexpectedly graphic. You think superheroes, you picture Superman and a scratched face, not a 15 year old girl killing a man with his finger. But where Hit Girl is probably not necessarily the best role model for a girl (in the sense of killing a man… I actually think her general being makes for a great role model), I loved her story. The idea of lost childhood, trying to re-find yourself and deal with general high school issues, and ultimately making the decision for herself to live as Hit Girl, it’s interesting to see different sides to the character.

When it comes to characters, and considering his recent comments on the film, I have to touch on Jim Carrey. He was good. I think his character is very much the Nic Cage of this one. He brings the same sort of vibe, but nowhere near as funny. Big Daddy was the bomb. Carrey’s voice was a bit jarring. I don’t know why.

The Motherfucker. Dear god, how incredible is his character. The bondage mishaps at the start that forged his initial costume was hilarious, the general bratty nature, the character is a whole is brilliant. It’s the epitome of the rich kid who will pay his way rather than work at something, and remain oddly stubborn when met with any issue. He just tries constantly, and never quite does it right, and tries to pay his way through everything, even avenging his father’s death.

Kickass. Aaron, you are incredible. I have to say I found it funny when there was a genuine swooning sigh across a section of the cinema when his shirt came off. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. His character is much the same as the last film at first, but I do like the Hit Girl/KickAss relationship in this movie. Towards the latter half he does such a good job with much more difficult plot lines. I actually love him as an actor in general, so I’ve been excited to see this.

Can I just see this movie forever?

Oh, wait! I have an Unlimited Cineworld card, so I can see it as many times as I want!

Good. I will. Because it’s fucking brilliant. Excuse the swear (but not really) because it was honestly an amazing film. I love it. It’s a good story, it’s well executed, it’s funny, like really funny, but not enough to take away from the more serious plot moments. This is such a great movie for developing the characters.

This is my favourite film of the year. I can’t remember liking a movie so much in such a long time. I purposefully didn’t read any reviews before going into this, and I’m glad. I’m glad I didn’t have my view (potentially) tainted going into it. I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped for good, but I never get my hopes up for sequels. How many times can I say I love this movie?


Honestly, when it comes out later this week, go see it. If you like the first movie, you’ll love the second. I cannot recommend it enough.


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