The Fringe Round Three.

beyond_fringeBack again! Had a few shows yesterday on my last day off (was meant to be working today, but being up ill all night kind of ruined that). Rather than try do more shows so it’s not a completely wasted today, I’m going to lie on the couch and feel sorry for myself. But not until I’ve recounted yesterday.

Patrick Morris: Standing Up And Saying Things
★ ★ ★
Patrick Morris reminds me of me. He talks of how he hates everyone, how he goes out once in a while just so he keeps friends and he says ‘Everyone has a friend that you hate’. I know he’s joking, but I know what he meant. Basically, he’s not one of these clubbing 20-somethings, and neither am I. All too familiar with much of what he said, he was just a good show to see. I’m the same age as him, so I’d say anyone around 21 will probably enjoy him more than say someone older.

Mike Shephard: Everything That Happened In The 20th Century Seen Through The Eyes of a Liar
★ ★
I was actually really looking forward to this show. I’m not sure why – it just seemed a good idea. What Shephard does is pick some major historical events over the 20th century and talks about them. Good for history nerds with a sense of humour. But, he completely misfires. A sexist joke about the feminist cause is met with stony silence, his opening ‘banter’ on Hitler didn’t wash, even his recurring joke of equating the years to pub prices wore thin really quickly. He had moments of being funny, but it was generally a lacklustre show.

Mark Restuccia: The Diary of a Serial Internet Dater
★ ★
Another show I liked the look of, but thought was… okay. The room was almost empty, and his initial chat with the audience was awkward. When he got going, though, his stories were funny. There were so many notable silences when the flow of his show lulled that it was just too awkward. Personally, it was a poor man’s Christopher Guiterrez. He did a speaking tour on this exact topic and was graphic, to the point and didn’t mess around. Restuccia had stories to rival it but tried to dodge some ruder points. It just seems if you’re going to do it, do it properly.

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