The Fringe Round One.

beyond_fringeSo, this is my first Edinburgh Fringe living in the city and it’s nice being somewhere where I can just wander outside and find a mass of things to do beyond the norm. I don’t, however, like how slowly people walk. That’s something I’ve come to realise. There you have it. Anyway, since I’m a Fringe reviewer this year (score on that front), I thought I’d do a miniature round up of some of the shows I’ve seen so far, and do a few more posts over the course of the month. So here’s my first installment.

Two Tickets To The Gum Show

Eric Lampaert is known for his looks, as the annoying (sorry!) guy in the Up Your Viva ad of years ago and the new advert featuring Bruce Willis. What it sells, I don’t remember. With an hour of self-targeting comedy, Lampaert owns every oddity about himself, from his Neanderthal heritage and skull shape to the fact he wears nail varnish. Really enjoyed him. Reminded me of Russell Brand/Tim Minchin, not in the sense of weirdness, but just the kind of character he is. He bumbles and is easily distracted, but is really funny. Which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

Full of It: The True or False Game Show

There is a far longer name here, but I’ll settle for this. Full of It is basically two Australian guys with the comedic spark of the Fosters duo with a much drunker vibe. Put this in a pub, let alone a podcast, and it would go down a storm. Rammed with ridiculous questions and good tidbits to tell your friends later, the pair are fun, but not 100% for me. I definitely think going myself mid-afternoon was the fault. Seeing them in a group with a drink would make this great.


I don’t know where to start with Truthmouth. I’ve never been one for exploring theatre, but Joseph Morpurgo’s one man show is truly brilliant. Exploring a range of characters from children to old men, head techs at Twitter to some pixels on a Nokia 3310, Morpurgo brings a range of stories and points to the fore, edged with a dark wit. An absolutely fantastic show. It’s difficult to do it justice, but I would highly recommend it.

Avenue Q

After years as an Avenue Q fan I got to see the production! It lived up to (almost) all my expectations. The cast were great, really reflecting their puppet characters, and the musical numbers were on point. The one flaw was Trekkie Monster. I’ve always had his voice pinned as a Cookie Monster type voice, and to have an overly forced Scottish accent really ruined the character’s parts. I thought so, and I heard others around me saying it too. I don’t know why shows force Scottish accents here, because more often than not it ruins what they’re working with. I absolutely loved the show though, and was very glad to see it after all these years.

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