Dylan Moran – Funny in Falkirk review.

dylanHaving moved to what I’d consider the comedy hub of Scotland, especially in Summer, it seems weird to be traveling back home for a comedian. But, just as Funny in Falkirk pulled out one of my favourites last year in Stewart Francis, this year had Dylan Moran.

But before Moran came a local talent. David Kay was a bit of a slow burner, but that’s his style. Rather than the likes of Stephen K. Amos who bombards on stage with a bold, albeit misleading opening, Kay just talks and mumbles his way through some thoughts, in turn proving a genuine surprise. The closure of Bonnybridge’s UFO desk proved a highlight with the crowd, as well as his debate with David Cameron on Scottish Independence. His grand crescendo came in the form of… rice pudding. Make of that what you will, but I’d recommend seeing him if you can. Perhaps not the most immediate success story, but definitely worth a few laughs.

Naturally, Moran’s mere appearance proved excitement enough for the evening. One fan was so enamoured with him that he tried to take a photograph or video, causing Dylan to stop the show, call him out and divert into a tangent on how technology ruins people living in the moment. “You interrupted us,” he bellows at the end. “You tell me what I was talking about.” Though the audience did answer, he demanded the perpetrator answer.

Henceforth all phones remained in pockets for the night. Moran’s sardonic humour is undeniably funny, but I have to admit part of me was staring at him like, “Holy shit! It’s Dylan Moran” and picturing him in Shaun of the Dead. I know, I know. But as a long standing fan who hadn’t seen him yet, the moment had to pass.

And pass it did, before being swept up into Moran’s own little world where he delves into the cult of love – “Do you love me? Do you love me forever?” and how being in a relationship is just a lifetime spent following someone around pointing out stupid things they do. It is. It truly is.

A personal highlight came with his own rendition of 50 Shades of Grey. “Her breast heaved. Her other breast also heaved.” It was a jaw-hurting kind of moment. And some of the biggest laughs came from when he didn’t even speak. Just a sigh half way through the strenuous effort of putting his jacket back on, the slumped shoulders, had the audience in stitches.

Dylan Moran is just great. I can’t really say “What a way to end Funny in Falkirk!” as I wasn’t at any of the other shows, but what I can say is it was a great night. I’ve waited a long time to see Dylan Moran, and it was fantastic.


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