The World’s End, Cornetto Trilogy review.

movies-the-worlds-end-posterMy blogging has clearly fallen to pieces as it is almost a week to the minute since I sat down to watch the Cornetto Trilogy in its full glory and, well, I’m only now getting around to writing about it. I will say in my defence, I have been working full time this week. Does that make it okay? I’m going to allow it for this time. So, onto my pointless ramblings about The World’s End.

I’m a big fan of Pegg and Frost, so this has been highly anticipated. The opportunity to see the three of them back to back was impossible to pass up, and it proved one of my favourite cinema-going experiences. And here’s why.

  • The abundance of Cornettos. Being a Cineworld pass holder, I’ve never been to the Omni so I can’t vouch for the amount of Cornettos usually on hand. But here, here, they were everywhere! I’m going to call that being prepared, when it might just be being normal. Either way, I ate a lot of Cornettos. A lot.
  • It’s a completely different experience to watching films you love at home. You’re in a room full of people who love the films and the actors, so you already know the jokes that are coming. People laugh before things happen. It’s a chain reaction. You pretty much spend the whole time laughing.
  • The clips between films from Wright, Pegg & Frost offer an interaction for the films. Basically, “We said fuck 77 times in Shaun of the Dead. Cheer every time you hear it!” If the jokes didn’t have people laughing (even though they did), this would. Especially during the F-Bomb heavy rant.
  • It was just good to see all three of them. Shaun of the Dead is my favourite zombie film, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. World War Z took itself seriously, and it was hilariously un-serious. Hot Fuzz is the least popular of the two from everyone I know, but I still love it. I’ve not seen it in a while, so this was just fun.
  • And then there was the new one…


I’ll try keep this short but on point. The World’s End is a great movie. It’s funny, but it’s a lot darker than the other two in the sense of personal issues (car crashes, long held grudges, alcohol issues, refusal to let go of the past). Nick Frost, for the first while is out of character. In fact, he has his life together and is very much the serious one of the two. Pegg plays an intelligent character, in that he’s mocking the need to hold onto the past and revel in the same things, despite many of his characters doing the same. They play on in-jokes, with the fence jumping being a particular highlight. Their drinking buddies are a good group, Freeman being a particularly jolly little chap. It is a male-heavy film, considering the one female who features on the posters has actually very little screen time, but it’s still very true to their humour, and it is frankly brilliant. The aliens are creepy, and their dialogue with Pegg’s character is one of the highlights of the film. But not the highlight.

You know how in the Cornetto trilogy, the ice cream plays a part? I waited. I waited some more. I even started to thinking “Did I miss the Cornetto? The film must be ending soon…” And then, then it happened. Fantastically done. My favourite snip of the whole film.

Basically, it’s a great ending to the Cornetto trilogy. It’s got darker character traits, but it’s essentially Pegg & Wright & Frost to a T.


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