Review: Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman.

ANANSI BOYS*Backdated review*
I’ve not been reading this last few weeks for some reason. Who knows why, but instead of rattling through books I’ve ended up taking Anansi Boys in small doses and blitzing through the final 55% today. It was okay. That’s about it.

If I’d have been in a full reading mood I could give it a proper review, but I can’t. I didn’t like the ending. It was all too coincidental, and I get it, with the webs and everything being interlinked, but I didn’t like that as a character trait. It was too linked without real explanation as to why other than it just was. And if I had a twin sister who happened to steal my fiance, especially within a fortnight of our meeting, things wouldn’t be ending as happily as they did here. Asses would be getting kicked.


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