The Internship review.

BRAY_20120725_2448.CR2My view on films is that if it’s average, the experience is average, but if a comedy is average, at least you can say ‘Well, it was quite funny’. Ever since I first saw the trailer, I called it would fall into that category: not amazing, but very middle-of-the-road with a few laughs.

That’s pretty much what I got. A few laughs. The first while completely dragged – even Will Ferrell’s sleazy character was a completely out of sync flop. It’s very predictable: two unemployed friends, internships at Google arise, they’re the underdogs, they get put in a team that hates them, their old fashioned thinking alienates them. They’re pretty much the out-dated dads of the experience. But what happens next? Well, if you predict that their outside the box thinking bizarrely works, their team grow to love them and they go on to succeed where others thought they would fail, you’re right. In fact, there’s little plot deviation to suggest otherwise.

Their main rival, the posh twat whose name I can’t remember, is really unlikeable. Naturally, he’s designed that way, but he’s just a flat out cock and a poorly written character. Very poorly written. Character-wise, there’s a lot of short comings. The fat pushover who barely speaks, the geek who effortlessly woos his dance coach/stripper, it’s just… not quite right. The girl in the group (I think it speaks volumes that less than 24 hours after viewing the film most names have been deleted from my memory) is the worst of all. The girl who reads fanfiction and anime, has nerdy fantasies but has never actually done anything with a guy. She had the potential to be a great character, but – again – it just didn’t work. Yoyo was good, though. I’ll give him that.

Wilson and Vaughn should be paired together in films, because they’re great. This film was, well, not so great. The Game of Thrones reference was fun, the impromptu Quidditch match was quite fantastic and there was a fair share of moments that did cause a laugh, but across the board the cinema sat in silence with an awkward mumble here and there.

Like I said, an average comedy is still funny at times, but this was more a two hour product placement for Google, poorly disguised as ‘the greatest comedy of 2013’.


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