This Is The End review.

endI did my usual, I read the reviews. I knew I could count on the Daily Mail to absolutely hate it, but alas, I have never shared the same opinions as the DM on most matters and – when it comes to Seth Rogen’s new film – I’m glad we again disagree.

I remember reading that Seth had said producers originally worried that it would seem too unrealistic for the actors to play themselves, but it’s probably the film’s USP. Film cameos are good at the best of times, but having Paul Rudd running screaming out of nowhere, or Emma Watson wielding an axe shouting ‘I’m not fucking around’ was pretty great. Michael Cera was a particular highlight – I’m not really a fan of him purely because I don’t remember watching much of his work, but I thought he was brilliant. Same goes for Channing Tatum’s brief appearance. It’s made all the better by the fact they’re surrounded by other actual actors.

Where the Daily Mail doesn’t seem to understand the point of the random stranger at the beginning asking why Seth plays the same person in every movie as actually being funny, considering how – even when portraying himself – he’s much the same, the movie-going public found it hilarious. And that’s why this movie is good. Those who like Seth’s films know what they’re getting and enjoy his sense of humour. Is it the best film ever created? No. Everyone filling the cinema today was there for a laugh, not from a reviewers perspective.

The apocalyptic story itself was pretty fun. I mean, I’ve never been one for apocalyptic movies and until the devil appeared I had suspected the blue beams to be aliens rather than heaven calling. It’s a simple concept: sacrifice yourself and you’ll get into heaven. Pray for God to kill someone and – thanks to Jonah Hill – we see that the Devil will come fuck you before he possesses you.

I actually find the Daily Mail review hilarious, because this is so not a film they would ever like. More level-headed critics are giving the film a middle of the road rating, which is fair. In terms of film as a whole, this isn’t up there in the five stars. But, for me – the regular shmuck looking for a laugh – this was a good film. Some moments dragged, but those were fleeting. It takes bromance to another level, with plenty of references to past films. A side note: I didn’t like Pineapple Express, but I did enjoy the impromptu sequel provided within.

I liked it, basically. The Backstreet Boys were just a bonus.


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