Despicable Me 2 review.

2415_FPF_00391R.JPGAt the age of 21 I probably shouldn’t be quite so eager for this film, but hey. I recently got my Cineworld Unlimited card and decided I’d go wild with it (by wild, I mean go see two films in one day – the second is depending on whether I feel better for later) and go in before the kids finish school and swarm the cinema. An all-adult viewing of Despicable Me’s sequel…

As always, I had a read of reviews and they’re middle of the road. I find it weird when children’s films are reviewed from an adult perspective, because – cutting to the chase – I really liked it. There’s a handful of jokes that are directed more towards adults, but it’s funny to all ages. Some of the most juvenile of jokes – the Minions’ laughing at ‘bottom’ – proved to get the biggest laughs.

The story is good, the relationships are nice. You just want to smoosh Agnes, because she’s probably the most adorable animated child in a while. Move over, Boo. The Minions play a much bigger part, which is good considering I could just watch them endlessly.

I really wanted to do this film justice, because it’s fantastic. I’m not sure whether or not they’ll go for another sequel, but this was a great follow up to the first. I’m going to go curl up on the couch and hope I feel better for later.

Fantastic film. Recommend for adults and children alike!


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