The Book Fest at the End of the Street.

blI’ve taken a slight deviation from my ‘65 books to read in your 20s‘ challenge. ‘Infinite Jest’ has been put on the back burner, I’m currently reading Mary Kerr’s ‘Lit: A Memoir’ and, a given from my last blog, I had a read of Corey Taylor’s latest book. The other main source of deviation comes courtesy of one of my favourites, Mr. Neil Gaiman.

‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ is just amazing. Every time I had to put it down because of stupid things like – you know – work and, psssh, sleep – I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. From a hidden truth to what we see to the power of sacrifice, love, life, childlike innocence – can I just read this book forever? This was such an effortless book to read, and one that actively made me excited to continue – something that doesn’t happen with a lot of books for me now. It’s just a very simple, yet sweet book. It’s easy to relate to; we’ve all been children, clearly, and Gaiman deals with a child’s P.O.V. with such clarity and brilliance it really lures you in. More so, it deals with his identifiable darkness, blending myth and reality with such ease. Basically, I love it.

And why does this love warrant a poor title-twist for this blog? Well, the Edinburgh International Book Festival announced their full line-up today. Last month I finally moved out, shipping off to Edinburgh (a whole 20 minute train ride away). Now I live a five minute walk from the book festival site, which is ridiculously exciting for me. While I’m excited to be living in the city for the festival season in general, books steal my heart far more than comedy and the like, so this is brilliant.

What could make this more exciting than Neil Gaiman doing not one but (if I counted correctly) four appearances? A lucky side thought is that my live-in boyfriend is also a Neil Gaiman fan (good taste on my part, I think) so I have company for at least 2/4 of those slots. Work depending, I can up that number.

Elsewhere, Grant Morrison is taking my excitement. We went to see him post-Supergods release and found him effortlessly hilarious. His Batman work proves a particular favourite for both of us, but when I find someone I find interesting to listen to, their surrounding work isn’t the focus. So while I’m interested in what he’s currently doing, I really love listening to him talk, so this is a must.

A complete surprise, however, came from the announcement of James Kakalios, author of ‘The Physics of Superheroes’. I got a bit overexcited at his name popping up, as I really enjoyed his book. Unsurprisingly, I called that my boyfriend would be interested in his work and he’s currently reading his way through his books too. Again, didn’t take much persuasion to get him to come with me. I had expected the other two to be announced, whereas this just made my day.

I’ve bookmarked all the talks I’d like to get tickets for, but these three are currently stealing my excitement. I’ll be up bright and early next Friday to snag tickets. My first summer in the city and it’s looking pretty great from where I’m sitting.

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