Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman.

the ocean at the end of the lane*Backdated review*
I was having a read through some other reviews and spotted the opening line: “Have you ever read a book, put it down, and your first thought was how soon can I read this again?” This is pretty much spot on. Every time I had to stop reading, whether it be for work or because I was going out, I couldn’t wait to pick it right back up.

I didn’t completely fall into it being an adult book; at times the P.O.V. being a child’s lent to it reading a bit younger. But the themes are perhaps more difficult for youngsters to grasp, though the way in which its presented makes it feel accessible to those of all ages. I’d love to know what a child’s perception of this book is; far different from mine I’d imagine. And that’s the beauty to this book, there’s so many interpretations.

From the hidden truth behind certain things to the power of sacrifice, love, life, death, fear, childlike innocence, there’s so much. A favourite point remains that adults are the same on the inside as children, and it rings true. It really does.

This doesn’t do justice to The Ocean at the End of the Lane because it’s just a stunning book. I read a lot in general, but this was effortless – honestly one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It may have been a smaller book than usual, but this is definitely my favourite Neil Gaiman book at the moment. Adore it.

(Edit: since writing this I have seen Neil Gaiman talking about this book, its themes and the power of memories. My review of that event is far more eloquent than this rushed review ever was!)


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