Papa Roach surprises fan at Download Festival.

So, I was always going to do a post about Download festival as a general weekend as I always do, but then this happened. This had to get a blog, because – as you can see on the video – I am not an on-camera person (something I clearly don’t share with my boyfriend). Put a camera in front of me and I will hide myself through being self-conscious. Give me one of the coolest and most amazing opportunities ever and then ask me to talk about it, and I will completely fumble over saying anything worthwhile. So, here goes…

I love Papa Roach. They’re one of those bands that hit me in my formative music years and have stuck around. Over the years I’ve gone to their shows with some of my best friends, and met many more friends through them. Despite the likes of Slipknot (obviously adore them) playing on Friday, I was most psyched for Papa Roach, because they’re one of those bands. They didn’t change my life, and I don’t want it to come off like that when I say ‘one of those bands’, but I just adore them and think they’re amazing, and they’re one of the few bands who’ve lasted the decade with me.

My boyfriend winning this competition led to one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve gone to Download for four years now along with other festivals and I’ve always wanted to watch a band from side stage. Any band, let alone one of my favourites. I’d already gone to the signing earlier that day and got to meet them, and found the whole experience a bit surreal to be allowed to do it again backstage.

I did say to my boyfriend that my worry of it being made into a video is that people would say I wasn’t even excited, because I knew – without seeing it – that’s how it would look. I haven’t looked at the comments. I don’t want to. I did see one when getting the link saying “Couldn’t you at least pretend to be excited?” and got really bummed out, because I called that reaction. I know how amazing this experience was, and how excited I was by it. I do this odd excitable clap when I’m at a loss for words, and it’s something I did a lot on the walk to/from the stage and throughout the day afterwards. Every time I talk about it to someone now that I’m home, I’m still as excited about it. This was unreal.

What I should have said was that Papa Roach are an amazing band to me, and to have an opportunity of this magnitude involving them was unreal to me. I’ve spent years seeing the band where I can, I even traveled to California for their tour with Avenged Sevenfold years ago, only for them to announce they were coming to the UK over that date and leaving the tour a few dates early. (I’m over that now, but a double whammy of favourites in the States would have been unbeatable).

Needless to say I’ll go back to my behind-the-camera ways when filming, because this just confirmed how conscious of it I am. Having said that, I do completely adore this video. I will keep going back to it when I’m sad, or whatever, because it is just the coolest thing to me. Like I said on my other blog: Thank you to my boyfriend for winning it, thank you to Rock Sound for making it happen and thank you to Papa Roach for being incredible!

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