Review: Casino Royale – Ian Fleming.

casino royale*Backdated review*
So, I don’t like spy-based books or movies. I can’t remember liking any James Bond movie either, not that I’ve seen many. I decided to try remedy this. I didn’t really like fantasy – I read Game of Thrones . I didn’t like sci-fi – I read Hyperion . I’m not wrong in thinking that, theoretically, starting the James Bond series could be a cure to this spy-based dislike?

In theory, I’m not wrong. In practice, I am. It was just really middle of the road to read. The chapters were too short and cut in the middle of action, which is something I don’t like. I’m all for cliffhangers, but not in the middle of a fluid action, or in the middle of a card game. I feel like some actions were dragged out over more chapters than they really needed, and there wasn’t actually too much in the plot to get into, but then again – that probably comes back to my dislike of Bond to date.

But it’s not Bond as a character I dislike. I actually like reading his quick minded precision and ways of safe proofing his room, the way he analyses situations. His take on women was a bit off, but I just roll with the times on that one.

There’s not much to pick at because there’s not much that stood out. Having not seen the film, I didn’t have the ending spoiled but I had plucked certain conclusions from my head that turned out to be true. I guess Bond can be a bit predictable, just like – despite loving Harry Potter – I always knew the whole school would turn a blind eye to Voldemort’s shenanigans and then he’d be foiled by some school children.


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