Review: The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

great gatsby*Backdated review*
I have to admit, this was another movie-motivated book. I rarely see movie trailers and want to see a film, but I think The Great Gatsby looks pretty good so wanted to make sure I read the book first. And really, it’s just a bit… middle of the road.

I did really like the extravagance and the parties Gatsby held. I thought he was quite an interesting character, and – despite how ludicrous his demands and obsession seemed later on – did have a spell of being quite taken with his relationship with Daisy.

But that was fleeting. I can see why it was a classic, but it really feels like a product of the generation of the 1920s and it’s difficult to engage with. The writing was a bit jumpy, the plot got a bit ludicrous and leaped a little too quickly (not hard, considering the book is relatively short).

The issues of the plot in the last while really took away from my overall enjoyment, when it was really easy to get into and a quick and enjoyable read as you got to know the characters, the scene, the excess of Jay Gatsby. I think it’s great for showing the loneliness in success, and that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. It leads to delusion, and that much is interesting.

I don’t know. I expected big, and I got it, but it just didn’t last as long as I’d have liked.


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