Review: The Physics of Superheroes – James Kakalios.

science of superheroes*Backdated review*
As someone who always liked science in school through being brought up around sciency thing, this book was always going to be interesting. James Kakalios does two things (in my mind): offer an interesting angle to get into science for those who aren’t enamoured with the subject, and give those who like science an odd angle to view comic books.

Looking at the actual cause of Gwen Stacy’s death still stands out – no idea why, I just really enjoyed that part. Luckily, since reading this I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of his talks. Insightful, intelligent and funny – definitely a guy you should look into!

Kakalios is witty and funny, joking throughout regarding scientists, his family, or something more obscure. There are fleeting moments where the science becomes a bit too consuming, in that it became very obvious that the core this was a textbook of sorts. Some descriptions of ideas and examples went on too long and the deviation from superheroes dragged on a tad, but the moment he snapped back to applying the science to superheroes, everything was righted.

I liked it. Would say this is a must read for those into both science and comic books. As this applies to my boyfriend, I already bought him his own copy too.


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