Review: A Storm of Swords – George R. R. Martin.

storm of swords*Backdated review*
My review of this book in one line: George R. R. Martin makes me scared to love a character.

I’ve been at this book for a week or two, and it took a tad longer than the others, but I can’t remember where this one even started. I think the TV show has blurred the beginning and ending of books for me.

What I will say is that my favourite thing in the book is the relationship between Jaime and Brienne. In every book, I prefer some character chapters over others (for the record, Bran’s were my low point for this one) and here every time I got to Jaime’s perspective I was psyched for the chapter. Weirdly, I’ve grown to completely love Jaime.

I even fooled myself as I read, thinking that two characters I hoped to reunite would actually reunite. I thought Martin would be merciful. How foolish I was. Just as I thought it was all going to work out (well, a small part was going to work out…) he only went and slaughtered everyone all over again. This man has an unhealthy bloodlust, and this book was just a pain. Do not attach me to characters if you’re going to kill them off brutally.

On the plus side, the biggest douche of the entire series (in my mind, at least) finally got slaughtered. I say slaughtered, I mean was foiled by some pastry (sort of). Can’t complain on that front.

Tyrion is still probably my favourite character. I remember reading an interview where Dinklage had said that Tyrion is probably the most interesting character he’s ever played, and it reads that way too. Every time something remotely bad happens to him I get sad, because I fear Martin will kill him off and then what am I left with?

Jon and Ygritte – Be still my heart. I just had to get it in there. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Cersei is still an ass. I mean, there was a fleeting moment where I thought she was untwisting her panties, but nope – still a bellend. I can only review a book in this series by doing a ‘good guy’/’wank’ split (never thought I could see a feasible Chewin’ The Fat/Game of Thrones crossover), and it always changes. She remains firmly there.

But not like my sweet Daenerys. She’s getting a bit more risky in her actions, but she’s still my favourite of the females at least. Jorah, on the other hand – no. His presence infuriates me. The book also made me warm to Sansa. She’s always been one of my least favourites, whereas Arya was always top, but she’s getting more interesting. I’m kind of interested to see where she goes from here, although knowing George, he’ll make me adore her as a character and then slit her throat.

This book was a bit too long in the reading to say it’s definitely my favourite as I read. But what I will say is it’s probably my favourite for a number of the characters: Jaime, Brienne, Sansa, The Hound, Robb, Samwell, Daenerys, Davos.

I like. Now to give me some breathing time with some smaller books before I dare tackle the fourth.


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