Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K. Rowling.

CHAMBERReread. Naturally, this is a reread. But I have to say there’s something unbelievably cool (or you might say sad) about reading this while sitting in the Wizarding World with the mass of Harry Potter music playing around you. While I had an hour or so to kill in the area, I did just that (and it was AWESOME). Edit: It’s been 7+ months since this, and it still stands out as being completely wonderful. I want to go back and do it again.

Re-reading this makes me realise how spot on the films got Gilderoy; well, Kenneth did. Would quite like to have seen more of Gilderoy thinking Harry was fame hungry, because that made me laugh quite a lot in the books.

There’s not much on Ginny fancying Harry, or pouring her heart out to Tom. I think, in that sense, I prefer the films. I don’t like romances (even tiny teen ones) being pushed. I just like it, okay? Preferred it to the Philosopher’s Stone. I think there comes a tipping point in the Harry Potter fandom where eloquently reviewing it goes out the window, to be replaced it “I just like it”.

I mean, the bratty nature of Harry and Ron v. Draco is played down in the film. Suspicions are often founded on no more than ‘Malfoy? But he hates me!’ Snape is also a dick. It pains me to say it because by the end, he is a glorious character who everyone loves – myself included – but dude, there’s other ways to protect Potter than being a dick and targeting him all the time. God, Severus. GOD!


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