Review: Airman – Eoin Colfer.

airman*Backdated review*
This is one of those books I thought I’d read because someone I know rated it 5* and, conveniently, I know she has a fantastic taste in music, so I had a theory it extended to her taste in books too. I, as usual, made the mistake of reading some reviews and found a lot of people saying ‘I don’t like any of Colfer’s other books’, yada, yada. Luckily for me – to my knowledge, at least – I haven’t read a damned thing of his.

So, now I turn to Airman. I’ll level – I love science, I love engineering and I love things like documentaries on aviation (note: I avoid them when I’m about to fly in case they include crashes. I’m flying in 5 days, so this was a risk…). I immediately loved Conor Broekhart as a character, and his parents too. The idea of being in the late 1800s and seeing the story through a family who are actually very forward thinking was great. More so, Vigny – (in my head, at least) – struck me as a 19th Century Game of Thrones Littlefinger. That’s how I pictured him anyway; useless information, but hey.

I read the plot summary and thought I knew where this book would go and where the plot would end, but as my imagined conclusion occurred at 51% into the book, there was clearly more I hadn’t anticipated. Going from his idyllic childhood, frolicking with royalty and being tutored by the forward-thinking (and particularly awesome) Victor Vigny and having little to fear to having his life stripped away from him in a faked act of treason, Conor adapts to a life that should have crushed him. All while hatching his plan to escape, he makes friends that will – I’d assume – hold a bond for a lifetime, all while working his way up the ranks to aid his plans.

There’s a lot more to this book than I thought, and I kind of love it. I got a tad too into Vigny’s lessons and Conor’s internal monologue when it came to the technical side of things, or the revelations in his mind when he clicked something with his aeronautical designs. It’s just such an interesting book, and unlike any others I’ve come across.

I got hooked really quickly, but I always felt I knew what was coming. I, luckily, found myself constantly surprised. So, as the person I took this inadvertent recommendation from has fantastic taste and, dare I say, so I do, I’d highly recommend this.


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