Review: The Vampire Queen’s Servant – Joey W. Hill.

servant*Backdated review*
I cocked up quite spectacularly with this series, because last year I read Vampire Trinity , which turned out to be the sixth book in the series. Luckily it worked at a stand-alone,but now I’m trying to right that wrong slowly but surely. I can see some of the links, like the role of Gideon (the one name that stood out from the sixth book in this one), but it didn’t ruin anything in terms of reading anew.

So, to my current predicament: I work at Ann Summers and I am sick of talking about 50 Shades of Grey , so I’m making it my mission to find a multitude of books to recommend above that piece of trash. It’s fine for experimenting, or whatever you want to do, but for actually reading – no.

Where the sixth installment worked on a male dom/ female (sub/dom)/ male sub, this follows the Vampire Queen Lyssa (who – despite being described as looking 20 – screamed Elvira in my head, just so you know) facing internal conflict over Jacob, a human, who her previous servant had sent specifically to her.

Rather than tackling the ferociousness and sexual appetite of the vampire species more prominently, this focuses on trying to subdue a headstrong alpha male into the role he feels destined to fulfill. Where many reviews I’ve read say they found the BDSM element too much and continued because of the relationship between Lyssa and Jacob, I was the opposite. I thought it was quite obvious how it was going to end, but I still liked the power-struggle between two dominating characters; that, however, did get a bit drawn out.

The bits that put many people off are the bits I remember enjoying most about the later book: the vampire gathering, the challenges, the idea that a servant isn’t just property of their respective vampire, etc. I mean, yes, to the faint-hearted, this can be quite a graphic book at times but it does balance itself out with the relationship it’s dealing with. So, which ever side of that coin you fall on, you’ll have something to work with.

It’s not flawless, and it’s not as good as the later book in my opinion. It was difficult to get into at first because Lyssa spent so long threatening along the lines of: “I am the Vampire Queen, I can kill you in the blink of an eye, you don’t understand that”, blah, blah, blah.

Going to continue reading this over time. At the very least I know the sixth book is good, so… Yep.


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