Review: A Clash of Kings – George R. R. Martin.

clash*Backdated review*
I couldn’t even remember what I said about A Game of Thrones , so I had to go back and see. It was along the lines of “I like this and I can’t pinpoint why”. Now I can pinpoint why I liked A Clash of Kings – because I am completely obsessed.

This was aided greatly by watching the first series of the show once I’d completed reading the book, and then I battled to read this book before I watched the second. For the most part I managed to beat it, bar where a few episodes leaped ahead with certain moments.

A Clash of Kings is more about allegiances and strategies, and is completely bleak and miserable. Where the first book taught me not to love a character because George R. R. Martin will probably kill them and ruin your day, I’m happy to say that my two surviving favourites from the first book survived this book. So that, in itself, is quite a miracle.

While my favourite characters survived, I ended up sympathising with some characters I absolutely hated, albeit fleetingly. For some reason I briefly liked Cersei, but that passed. Sansa isn’t as insufferable any more. There were too few returns to Daenerys too, in my opinion. But I think I’m leaning heavily towards the Targaryens out of all the clans. On the flipside, I now – as suspected – hate a number of characters, Theon being a prime example. I know the world cares for my yay/nay opinions on characters, so there you have it.

It took a while to get into the new characters with the chapter names, but as with the first by the end I had it down. I wish the books were shorter, but that’s mainly because I want to read through them quickly (I have no patience). I do like the fact it’s long, and I do like the fact the writing it detailed and that each character’s point of view is well done. Onto the third.

(Edit: I do not wish the books were shorter. I have no idea why I ever thought that).


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