Review: The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett.

colour of magic*Backdated review*
This is another case of me picking an author I’ve not read anything by and asking for recommendations, and for some reason the majority of books I’ve been recommended this year, I’ve not really liked. It’s not an active dislike, but more lacking that spark that everyone else has. I’ve never been hugely into fantasy (I was originally going to say I’m not into fantasy, but I’ll be moving straight onto the next Game of Thrones book, so that would be a lie).

I don’t know what it was. According to my Kindle, this was about the same length (give or take) as The Fault In Our Stars (turns out, on inspection, this is actually shorter). The point being, TFIOS read really quickly. The story was easy to get into so the reading flew by. I felt that with The Colour of Magic, every time I caught a glimpse of how far through I was, I was like Really, is that all?

I didn’t find it as funny as people seem to have done. I didn’t find it as interesting as people seem to have either. I did like Rincewind; I don’t know why I liked the idea of a failed wizard with one unknown spell. There were quirks here and there I liked, but it was just a bit of a drag to get through, personally at least.

Not entirely sure whether I’ll read any more in the Discworld series. (Edit: I haven’t yet, but have decided to give it another chance). I will most likely read another Pratchett book and enjoy it more. I have heard that this – being one of his earlier works – isn’t as well written as his more recent books. I can only hope so! We’ll see, I guess.


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