Review: Heart Shaped Box – Joe Hill.

heart*Backdated review*
I’ve got to admit, I got this book because the reviews seemed relatively good. Then when I came to read it, I had a look at the summary and thought it seemed the most ridiculous plot I had ever come across. I told my friend how stupid I thought it seemed and it turned out that not only had she read the book, but she loved it and told me to keep reading. So, I did. And it wasn’t all that bad.

One thing I will say is that despite discovering he is Stephen King’s son, I’ve never read a Stephen King book, so can’t yet compare the two. This is something I’m going to look into down the line, since I know at least one family member loves his books.

I can’t say that I was overly into the book. At some points I did get into it, but it didn’t take long to start skim reading to the next part. I’ve not got much to say on it, actually. I’ve never really read horror books – on the rare occasions I do, I only seem to like them when I’ve read them at night (probably because I’m very easily freaked out at night when reading), but since I spent the entire afternoon reading this, it wasn’t very scary.

I might re-read it. I might not. I have a feeling that if I do I’ll like it a lot more, but I don’t know how many times in life I want to re-read a book just in case it gets better. This isn’t really a review, this is more of a disgruntled I think I should have liked this, and I kind of did, but not all that much… for now.


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