Review: Neil Gaiman – American Gods.

american gods*Backdated review*
This is one of those books I thought I would love, but for some reason didn’t. I like Neil Gaiman, I loved The Graveyard Book but didn’t like Odd and the Frost Giants. At the first mention of Odin, I had a feeling this would go the same way as the latter.

The difference is this book was far better than Odd and the Frost Giants, but there was just something that didn’t click. I was having a read through some reviews on Goodreads and most loved this book unconditionally – all my friends who have read it like it – but then I found this one and it hit the nail on the head.

The first however many pages that take you through Shadow being in jail to getting out and all the ensuing mystery and trouble was interesting. Wednesday’s appearance on the plane and the diner were intriguing, but I soon got tired of the mysteries. The first moment I clocked the actual Gods at play (probably around the I Love Lucy tits fiasco) I thought the book was going to be great – I thought the idea was really clever, but everything seemed to fall flat in comparison to what I anticipated.

I didn’t find it scary, or grabbing. I ended up skim reading lots of it because I completely lost interest in all that was going on. I really love Neil Gaiman’s writing and I thought this was going to be the best yet, based on how hyped it was, but it personally fell flat. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading this, though. Gaiman’s work is brilliant across the board, and I am obviously one of the minority who didn’t connect with this. I’m quite sad about that.


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