Review: The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks.

notebook*Backdated review*
Despite whatever any of my friends think, I’m actually a bit of a pansy when it comes to romance in books or films. I’ve never seen The Notebook but knew it would be one to tug at those potential heartstrings and I was right (sort of), but the sappiness did become a bit too much (I’m not into that much romance).

I’ll tackle the book backwards. The latter half was really sad. And I did find it a bit drawn out, despite it being a short book. I had imagined that he would complete the story, or follow it through with some more information rather than leap around 50 years. It did work though, despite it being really sad. I’ve never known anyone deal with Alzheimers, but the idea of the disease really unsettles me so that much was really interesting to read. I wasn’t 100% on the ending either. I did like it but I think cutting it a few sentences earlier would have changed my overall opinion on the conclusion.

To the part where they reunite, I was quite smitten because it was idealistic, and that’s pretty much all you want when it comes to a book like this – you just want it to work out, and you know it will. But it was far too clear that they would get back together, if not by the incessant, “Do you remember when we did this?” or “Do you remember when we went there?” all tinged with their nostalgia and loss. Sure, the reader likely knows how it will work out, but there could be some bump in the road. I mean, Lon was supposed to be that bump in the road, but he was factored out almost as soon as Allie set eyes on Noah, so he proved pointless.

I did like the book, but the more I write about it the more I realise it wasn’t as good as I first thought, hence knocking it from four stars to three. It was good, nice, everything you need in terms of a perfect relationship, sad in how it turns out, but it was far too easy and far too poetically cheesy.

Do relationships like this actually exist? I like to think they do (in the sense of childhood sweethearts reuniting and being perfect for one another). I couldn’t handle that level of cheesiness though, not even a fraction of it. It became a bit sickening at times. I’m not entirely sure I could handle the film…


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