Review: One Fifth Avenue – Candace Bushnell.

fifth*Backdated review*
I’ve never read anything by Candace Bushnell, but considering she was behind Sex and the City, she seemed worth a try. Now, I’m not going to say her other books are bad, but based on this I might never find out. This book was drawn out, tedious and a complete waste of time. I kept battering to get through it just so I could move onto something else.

New York is, I assume, supposed to be romanticised in this book considering every character seems to have some form of love for either the city itself or One Fifth Avenue. Instead, the city is portrayed as dull, filled with wannabe socialites and people who have their own dreams and put down one another’s.

Is there supposed to be a battle of young and old? A clash of old culture versus the new internet-age that’s infiltrating everywhere? I guess there is, but it’s very poorly done. From Enid’s immediate dislike to Lola to Mindy’s pursuing of her own blog, there is absolutely nothing interesting here.

Be it the middle aged woman who is unhappy in her marriage and blogs about that rather than trying to fix it, or the young girl from a rich background who is one of the most easily dislikable and bratty characters I’ve ever come across, or even Enid, who just seems to be a cranky and interfering old woman… I’d assumed, based on Sex and the City being in her back catalogue that this would have some diversity in the female characters, but something that brings them together. Sadly, everyone is dull and unlikeable.

Whether it’s being handed everything on a plate or changing yourself entirely to fit in with a rich society you don’t care for, One Fifth Avenue was not exciting in any form to me. So much time was spent on the petty politics of the building itself that it proved a struggle to get through. There were so many characters that it was all too easy to forget who did what and who was linked by what thin thread. If you read in bulk, you retain the information, but barely. Even then, it’s very difficult to care.

Will I ever read a book by Candace Bushnell again? I doubt it.


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