Review: Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins.

catching fire*Backdated review*
As I said before, The Hunger Games was the first book in a long time that I had read after seeing the movie, not before – if ever (I’m not really a film person…). Despite already knowing what happened, excluding minor factors that the film skipped, I still loved the book because of the style and quality of writing, despite not usually being a fan of first person narratives.

Unsurprisingly, I loved Catching Fire just as much, if not even more. I had a real soft spot for the Katniss/Gale relationship going into the first book thanks to the films, and that’s still standing strong. I just thought it was best to get that part out the way, because – honestly – my favourite part of the whole book was the section on them in the woods following her return. I’m a big softie, I guess.

I was also really into the whole Peeta plot. Part of me really wanted to see them be together in the Games, but not for the cameras, but then whenever Gale was mentioned I swiftly retracted that opinion. There’s just a lot there to work with as a reader, even in an area as specific as this love triangle.

But there’s plenty of books that have had me hooked into some kind of love interest, and more often than not that’s their only draw. Here, however, I got into everything. The tour, the thoughts of rebellion, the theory of District 13. I even thought there was a fault on going back into the arena – I immediately sighed and thought, “Well, she obviously wins again, doesn’t she?” I almost kick myself for underestimating Collins’ writing, because the ending of the Games really caught me by surprise.

I’m really frustrated that I didn’t put the third installment on my Kindle, instead leaving it waiting to be transferred. I have my theory of leaving a few books before a sequel so I don’t get too into a series based on quantity; I leave it and see if I’m still as in to it with time to readjust. And, with at least a dozen or two books between the original and this, I can wholeheartedly say that I love this series. Very excited to read the last one and see what comes of the supposed rebellion, I’m just interested to see how long it takes me to break my tradition of spacing out books in a series.

For once I’m very excited to see the movie. It’s been too long since I read a book I found truly fantastic and looked forward to a film equivalent. (Just like the first, though, I doubt it will have a patch on the book itself.)

(Edit: the movie is out in just over a week! 10 months of waiting is almost over…)


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