Review: Just A Geek – Wil Wheaton.

geek*Backdated review*
Reading this was a case of seeing a book by someone I know and like and going, “I never knew they had a book – I’d quite like to read that!” What I discovered, though, was that I barely knew the Wil Wheaton I already liked so much.

I knew of his work with Star Trek TNG, and more recently The Big Bang Theory, so I’d consider the former a good enough reason to give this a read. What I didn’t know was that he quit the show and struggled for years to pursue a career in the shadow of Wesley Crusher, nor did I know he had started his own website and blog. I like blogs. I’ve always been pitiful at keeping up my own, but I find it pretty interesting when others do.

What Just A Geek does is not just recount the story from quitting Star Trek through to the date he decided to write a book, but takes you on the journey he faced. You see each side to his personality, from the blogs where he made fans think he was doing better than he was to the true twists and turns to how he felt in reality. You see the battle he faced in balancing his family and work, the moment he knew with certainty that pursuing his career would never come before his family and his writing becoming such a prominent part in his life and career.

Simple things like how he felt stepping onto the Star Trek set for the movie made you smile, while his honesty regarding being cut from the movie is pretty refreshing. He just bares it all, and you can’t help but like him for it. He filled in the blanks his blog left out and builds the entire picture, from struggling actor to respected blogger and writer.

I’m so used to autobiographies full of bravado and finger pointing, but this seemed a normal, down to earth journey from someone who you’d rather like to be your friend. Well worth a read, to Star Trek fans and non alike.


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