Review: The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank.

anne*Backdated review*
I’ve always felt that this was a book that I would have to read at some point in my life, and not long ago I finally got around to it. With it being so relevant to World War II – I obviously heard about it first when being taught as a child at school – I was actually surprised by how little politics were actually mentioned, but then again it’s something I quite liked.

See, I am a fan of history. I went through a phase of being a bit obsessed with reading history books when I was younger, particular of World War II (something I picked up from a family member). But it’s easy enough to read the facts and it’s easy enough to hear how things were run or what happened to the Jews; the information is everywhere, and the numbers are widely reported.

What Anne Frank’s diary does is offer the insight into a teenage girl in extraordinary circumstances. I became quite fascinated with her relationship with the young boy they stayed with (I’ve forgotten his name, but it’s been a while since I read this!). It’s just nice to read about a teenager being a teenager, being honest and frank about everything that we’ve all gone through, from frustration and teenage angst to learning about sex and your first kiss.

I don’t see the need to break it down and write a genuine review of it, because it’s a big factor in history and it’s iconic. To discredit its importance would be ignorant, but it remains a fascinating book. All I would say is that I liked it for the reasons I said above, and I’m sure other people took different things from it too.


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