Review: Fight Club – Chuck Palahnuik.

fight*Backdated review*
I have never seen Fight Club (gasp!). I’m not a movie person, at all. I don’t know what age I really leaned towards anything over movies, but my boyfriend’s trying to break that tradition by forcing me to watch all these films I’ve not seen. Still waiting to see Fight Club… One day…

Anyway, I found this a little more difficult to get into initially than The Hunger Games, not sure why. It was just the first chapter or two that I seemed to have issue with. But when it came to explaining how he met Marla, that’s when I started to get into it. No idea why the notion of turning up to cancer group meetings when you don’t have cancer would be something to draw you into a book, but I digress.

I liked the idea of fight club, though it’s not something I would ever partake in in real life (I am – 100% – a pansy). I don’t know, I just liked the idea of fighting for the sake of fighting. Then I liked when it got a little crazier and kept going in that way. Then when the Tyler split was unveiled I was like… Well, I clearly wasn’t on the pulse of that plot twist. Then again I might have missed something blazingly obvious. Well, actually – when he said he never saw Tyler or Marla in the same room together, I did think Tyler was maybe imaginary, but moved past that idea and had completely forgotten it by the time I realised what was actually happening (D’oh).

It’s just a bit of a mindfuck, and I like it. I want to read more of Chuck Palahnuik’s stuff, but I’ve been warned against it by some people. Apparently ‘Fight Club’ is a one-off hit and the others are difficult to get through. Any advice on that, anyone?

So yes, I did like it. Of course I liked it. Everyone I know likes it – whether it’s the book or the film. I’ll have to wait to form my opinion on the film, though.


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