Review: The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins.

hunger*Backdated review*
I’m not really a movie person. I missed the whole Hunger Games fuss when it came about. I saw it at my boyfriend’s family’s house the other week and liked it more than I thought I would, so for the first time in a good few years I decided to read the book after seeing the film, not the other way around.

And, well, the book is far better than the film. I noticed all these things that were missed out, like Katniss’s deafness following the explosion or the Avoxes. Unsurprisingly, I pictured the characters as they were in the movies, which wasn’t all that bad. I just really liked it. Despite knowing what happened in the end, I couldn’t stop reading… Then I got to the end and was like… “No!”

I will read the others in the trilogy in time. I’m trying to read as many books as I can that are different rather than reading through sets. I don’t know how to really explain why I liked this since most people will have seen the film or read the books and like them already (I don’t think I’ve met one person who doesn’t), and I think the fact I’m writing this following months of hearing everyone else talk about the highs and lows has made me lose the knack for wording it.

I don’t usually like reading in first person. I don’t usually like reading in present tense either. There’s something about that style that throws me off, but I really enjoyed this style. I think this may be the first time in my life I enjoyed reading in this style (well, that I can remember anyway).

This is a pretty rubbish review for a book I absolutely loved. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Maybe I should blog as soon as I finish a book I love and not read another book and a bit beforehand! Lesson learned for next time.


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