Review: A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking.

time*Backdated review*
I like science. I really do. I remember when I was little I was dying to get those experiments kits to do at home. I still remember the first time my dad and I did that little volcano experiment in the kitchen. Not really relevant to Stephen Hawking or this book, but I will write as I please.

I just wanted to read A Brief History of Time because I’d been on a run of reading fiction that I did not really take much from, so I thought I’d fall back on facts that I like, but not so complicated I would spend too much time reading.

Ultimately, this was a relatively quick read that broke my string of average-fiction and, unsurprisingly, it was interesting. I don’t think Stephen Hawking really needs my approval, but for what the book set out to do, it was good.

I got a bit annoyed at how dumbed down some things were, but that’s really my own fault for picking this book over the full one. I distinctly remember reading him explain what an oblong was, and felt bemused that someone who didn’t know what an oblong was would read about ideas and theories so complicated. Each to their own, I guess.


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