Review: The Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama XIV.

dalai*Backdated review*
I can’t help but like the Dalai Lama. I’ve heard many people say that his work can change lives and change people’s opinions and actions, and I thought I’d form my own opinion.

And, lord, does he seem so nice. In honesty, what he says isn’t wholly my cup of tea but I couldn’t help but be drawn in to someone so innocent in thought and so pure in spirit. I found him a bit too idealistic, to be perfectly honest, and that was my main frustration with the book. I am a bit of a cynic, and I do not see a world without guns or violence (note: I don’t support either of those), so the parts in which he explains his beliefs in how to achieve world peace weren’t something I bought into.

But I did like his approach to life, and it was kind of refreshing to find someone to straight forward in their ideals. I liked the stories about his heritage and the work he does – that much was interesting to me. It was just difficult to completely enjoy the book because, while being so positive is wonderful, it just isn’t realistic. (You have no idea how much of a cynic you feel to type something like that, but it’s not meant in such black and white terms).


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