Review: The Angel’s Game – Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

angel*Backdated review*
I rattled through this book over the week and immediately decided to blog, mainly because I’ll be even more confused about it if I try to think what the hell I just read. See, I got into the book because it was interesting. There was a mystery to it and there’s enough plot twists to keep you interested. In fact, I remember driving at one point trying to work out what was going on. By this point, I was only about half way through the book.

Having now finished, however, I’m not completely sure what I read. As the mystery surrounding David amped up, as people died, Corelli seemed to be manipulating things further and everyone became somehow interlinked with each other, I thought – it doesn’t matter if this gets a bit complicated, because it’ll all unravel and I’ll be like “Oh, wow! So that’s what was going on.” But no. I have no idea what just happened. Did it even happen? Was it all subconscious? Or unconscious? Is Corelli real? A figment of the imagination? A personification of the devil? These are just some questions I have in my head, and dare I say it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps it’s too much to take in with just one read. I don’t want to re-read it, because when I enjoy books I tend to want to remember that I enjoyed them. I’ve re-read some books I loved and felt less than enamoured with them on a second read. It’s just a bit disappointing to be so drawn into a book, because it does completely grab you, then have an ending that leaves so many questions up in the air. While this seemed complicated, I still expected a definitive answer.

Temporally, it’s just difficult to grasp. Example – at the end of the book (spoiler!) he sees Corelli and Christina, and it’s the image of her as a child. She had died, but now she’s a child, and he gets to watch her age and die again, but he doesn’t seem to age anymore either. It just lacks a solid explanation, and while I understand a lot can be left up to the imagination, I’m more of a facts girl. You can make your book as crazy and time-bending as you wish, just give me a damn reason!

Aside from this confusion, one thing I really did love was the way books were discussed. I liked the passion and personification of books, as if they have souls. They’re essentially idolised, they’re put on a pedestal and I just love how they’re portrayed throughout. Shock of the century, but I rather like books, you see. On a little offslant before I head to bed, I really liked Isabella. Would say she’s my favourite character and – as far as I can tell – everything that happened to her really happened, right? RIGHT?

Good read. Really grabbing… There’s just a lot of unsolved factors I can’t get my head around. *Edit – Had a look around the internet and it seems I’m not the only one to be a little clueless to this one. Lots of theories though.


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