Review: Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger.

rye*Backdated review*
Just like To Kill A Mockingbird, I thought I’d read this partly because it’s one of my best friend’s all time favourite books. She prefers films to books, but she always spoke about this one so I decided it was definitely worth a read. I liked it at first and I really got into it. It just seemed nice, simple, straight forward. It wasn’t steeped in metaphors, nor was there a huge amount going on. It was just fine.

But the longer it went on, I was waiting for something more exciting to happen. It came to the prostitute in the hotel and I thought – it’s happening! (Side note: this bit caused some de ja vu. Made me think I’d read it before, but I’m not sure.) But then that was resolved and then he was back to bumbling around. I mean, I didn’t hate it, but I feel like (how often am I saying this?) I missed something. It’s just nice, not overly complicated, but I think I didn’t take from it what most people do. Nor do I want to kill John Lennon.


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