Review: Vampire Trinity – Joey W. Hill.

vamp*Backdated review*
Is this one book? Or is this part of a series? I’m not sure. I hope series, because I’d read the shit out of that. (I Googled this – seemingly this is book 6?! I must look at the first five. Either way, it works brilliantly as a stand alone book, so either way I’m fine, although I will regret it when I start the series). Whoops.

If you’ve never heard my ramblings on Twilight and 50 Shades, I’ll sum it up. This is what it should be like if you combine the two of the books, but if they were done well. This book encompasses what Vampires should be like – they’re dark, they kill, they need human blood to survive. It also encompasses BDSM and sexual curiosity far better than 50 Shades (but then again, most things do). The proclamation that sexual desire is an integral part of being a vampire makes it appear seamless, and it’s really good.

Where both the (fairly crap) book series I mentioned lack a real plot, or a plot with grit (falling in love with a baby and proving the baby will grow up is not a plot to me), this has it. There’s love and lust, yes, there’s issues with the transition into being a vampire, yes, but the plot is pretty solid.

When it came to 50 Shades, someone had told me she was plot-focussed and kind of skimmed over the sex because she got sick of it, others I know did the opposite. Vampire Trinity doesn’t have this issue. The sex scenes were good, well written and creative (and not completely ludicrous and worshipping – I will stop referring to the two rubbish books for comparison now…) and the plot kept me page turning because I simply had to know what happened. Fantastic. One of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Other note: Twilight was the last new Vampire book I read. I grew up loving Vampires i.e. Dracula. Dark vampires, dangerous vampires. Much like erotica now, I felt like shying away from it because all other books I read would be a pitiful representation. I mean, if everyone takes Twilight as what Vampires should be like, why wouldn’t every book since then portray them as sparkling pansies? This made me feel better about it. I’m not sure if it was written pre or post Cullen, but I like that there’s at least some fantastic Vampire books out there, where they’re not vegetarian sparklers.


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