Review: Stardust – Neil Gaiman.

star*Backdated review*
I think I’ll be retiring from Neil Gaiman for a bit. Don’t want to overdo it now, do I? I’ve lost count of how many of his books I’ve read lately. Either way, I thought this was really cute.

I remember when I first started reading it I was reminded of a fairytale romance (minus them actually talking about boobs and sex. Don’t really define that too much in Disney now…) I did like it, but I’m not sure if I liked it more than Coraline. I think that’s still my favourite, alongside the  Graveyard Book. I do like the fact that Gaiman has more adult words/ideas dotted around. I’ve always found he’s able to incorporate more adult themes into children’s books, but through the innocent eyes of a child. I think he gives them credit to understand beyond what they’re often given.

I’m not sure how else to bulk this out. I’ve read so much since this I’ve forgotten certain names to refer to, etc, but I like Neil Gaiman’s writing. I like that they’re childlike stories but they’re darker and they’ve got a certain quirk to them.


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