Review: To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee.

mocking*Backdated review*
I’m pretty sure in a previous blog I said that school has destroyed a million books for me, one of the key ones being To Kill A Mockingbird. In school, they’d analyse every little detail, force you to power read through books just to meticulously examine every turn of phrase of motif and ARRRGH. School ruined so many books for me, and I suppose it’s time I read them off my own back, and in the case of this I’m really glad I did.

This is one of my best friend’s favourite books, and she told me countless times to give it another try. It’s such a good book (not that anyone needing telling) and it reminds me why I disliked school’s approach to English. It’s another reason I didn’t take the subject at University. I couldn’t handle more books being destroyed in this way. I liked being able to read this book without a teacher moaning that I wasn’t reading fast enough, or being told to explain some minute turn of phrase or imagery.

Ironically, after a struggle to get through it over a number of weeks, I read it all in less than a day. I’m pretty sure my English teacher would have been overjoyed if I took to it so well back in school. The story is wonderful, and it’s a really easy book to get into. A classic I’m glad I gave another chance, and I would read time and time again.

So the lesson today is: I should re-read any books school destroyed because chances are they’re actually great.


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