Review: The Curse of Lono – Hunter S. Thompson.

lono*Backdated review*
I’m officially taking a break from Hunter S. Thompson. I’m sick of feeling like I’m missing the point. I swear, that blurb has made me paranoid! Every book I read, I’m like “Is it hilarious? Am I missing something hilarious?”

I mean, I like his style of writing and I like the fact that much of it surrounds journalism in some form, but I’ve never read a book – barring ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and felt like I really got the tone it was written in, or the jokes – if there was any. I will curse that blurb from now until eternity for making me self-conscious over reading an author I adore.

I think I’ve gotten myself wound up to the point I’m determined to read more and crack the issue, but it’s just making me more paranoid! That seems about right, considering the excessive drugs in every book of his, like, ever. This isn’t really about the book now, is it? I’ve kind of forgotten how I felt about it all because this feeling has overwhelmed me.

I’m officially on Hunter hiatus. For now.

(I read one of his books a while back and thought it was good – I liked it, but that was all. Then I read the blurb in which a review had called it hilarious. That’s almost certainly always going to be the incident I refer to any time I read his books).


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