Review: Odd and the Frost Giants – Neil Gaiman.

odd*Backdated review*
For one, I couldn’t help but picture Thor and Loki a-la Avengers movie when I read this. Regardless of them being described as flame haired, etc, Chris Hemsworth was Thor, which made the image of Thor as a bear even more entertaining to me. I didn’t really like this as much as the other work by Neil Gaiman. I just found it a bit rushed, a bit flitting and a bit anti-climatic.

Another thing is that going into this straight after The Graveyard book made it a little offsetting. The lead boy in the former is Bod, the latter is Odd. One description called the sky (I think) scarlet, and immediately I thought of Scarlett from the previous book. That’s more my own little issue/fault for reading them back to back. It was… fine. Okay. Not a huge fan of this one, though.


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