Review: If I Did It – OJ Simpson.

oj*Backdated review*
To be honest, I’ve never paid any attention to this case in my entire life. It happened when I was young, so I was oblivious and the only references to it I see nowadays are in comedy shows, poking fun at him or something similar. But I thought: why not? The point of me getting the Kindle is to read more and read a wider variety of things, so I thought I’d give it a try considering I’ve heard about the book quite a bit.

I’ve never doubted he killed her, mainly because I never really aware of any conspiracies or alternative prospects. This book hasn’t changed my mind in the slightest. It felt as if he spent the whole time making himself seem all goody goody, abundantly pointing out the few indiscretions he made so that when it came to the crunch, he surely couldn’t be responsible.

Like, I am a good girlfriend (excuse the ego moment, but I am…) but even I wouldn’t sell myself as angelic as he did. Bar the one use of violence in 1989, he seems to paint himself as flawless, his anger directed at someone worthy and spiraling out of control. I can be moany, too bitchy, generally grumpy but I can admit that. I’m a real pain in the ass to be around sometimes, but I wouldn’t write that off as me being grumpy because someone was worthy of it through being unstable.

I don’t doubt he cares for his family, or anything similar, but it was a waste of time. I understand the book is meant to put everything into context, but I spent hours reading about how nothing was his fault and he was a wonderful man putting up with a woman who was going off the rails. It might be true, but this book doesn’t make me care enough to find out or look into other theories. Read it. I’m done. Never re-reading. Ever.


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